Phoenix Cirlce

Spirit team

Tommy and Silver Cloud have been very important in my physical development so far, but they are not the only ones working in the Spirit team with the Circle. Tommy made his mission known to me in a séance with David Thompson in 2015. Silver Cloud made his presence known in 2016 but he is with me longer. In 2016 when I went to the US for work I had some amazing experiences and those experiences were the catalyst for Silver Cloud to entrance me and to write down these words below back then. It feels like ages ago since he made his presence known to me and Iam grateful for all we have experienced together, everything he taught me and continue to teach me and the support and love he shares.....


Far away in a place unknown
A deep voice spoke and touched your soul
His words echoed through the canyons of life
Your whole being digested the words like a hungry wolf.

"Take a leap and trust", the voice said
"It begins when good prayers fly.... it begins with you!"
Allow the Great Spirit to hear your heart’s desires and let your prayers fly
Fly them high into the realms of Spirit and
trust that all will be well.

You left a footprint on my land and I left one within your heart.
A mark that will always remind you of the leap you took into the unknown.
But remember my love, that there is nothing unknown in my world.
For every footstep that you mark in your world, you engrave two in mine.

Silver Cloud