Phoenix Cirlce

About the Circle

Over the past years we had some changes in the Circle and this is a natural process. For many it is a difficult task to have that commitment that is necessary for the development of physical mediumship and sometimes change is needed because a change within the circle helps to bring change in the mediumship and vibration that is needed. Our circle consists of 7 persons en you can compare the circle in a way with a band. A band has a lead singer and musicians but together they form the band. As individuals they cannot create what is possible together. This is the same in a physical circle. Everyone is important and a good, dedicated circle is a great good.

A message from my Circle leader:

My name is Carin Hafkamp. My mediumship development started in 2015 and I became more and more interested in different aspects of mediumship. I attended a séance with David Thompson in that same year and that changed my life and allowed me to research physical mediumship more. In February 2016 I was invited to become a member of the Circle of Nicole de Haas and ofcourse I said “ Yes”!

That means that you make a commitment for an undetermined time for the development of the Circle and the physical medium. You build a bond together and on circle nights we sit in love, harmony and with joy with eachother: they are like a second family to me. We do other things together also on a regular base to spend time together.

The Spirit world asked me to become the Circle leader in 2018. This involves responsibilities, a relationship of trust with Nicole but also with the other Circle members. Together we are responsible for the safety of Nicole, always in cooperation with the Spirit world. Being together with the unseen world, sensing or hearing their presence makes every moment that we spend together a joyous event. Iam very thankful that I can be a part of this process of development and in companionship with the Spirit world we continue to work for the greater purpose, the further development of Nicole as a physical medium and the Circle. Where this all will lead to in future will be a surprise as we don’t have any expectations, but what I do know is that the Circle will have a bright future and physical mediumship will be shared again eventually.