Phoenix Cirlce

Physical mediumship

Physical mediumship is the process whereby a loved one in Spirit or a Spirit Guide is able to physically manifest within our world, within our vibration by using the capability of the medium. In mental mediumship the recipient is dependent upon the power, quality and the ability of the medium whilst the evidence remains subjective. In physical mediumship, everyone present in the room will hear, feel or see the same physical phenomena at same time. Also the atmosphere in a séance room is emotionally charged. An objective experience like this, in combination with experiencing that love being shared from the Spirit World, makes it an experience that can be life changing. Some examples of physical mediumship are: Direct voice, materialization, apports and levitation.

Mental mediumship can be developed or experienced by everyone to a certain extent. Physical mediumship requires certain physiological elements within the medium. This is something that is there and cannot be developed if it is not there. For manifestion ectoplasm is used. It is a vital force, an extension of the life force of the medium. The pancreas plays a part in the production of ectoplasm. We all have this vital energy, but a physical medium is able to exude large amounts of ectoplasm so that the Spirit World can work with this substance and that is what makes a physical medium unique. Ectoplasm is always connected to the medium and is exuded from different parts of the body, like for instance: The belly button, solar plexus, ears, nose or mouth. Ectoplasm can appear in different forms such as gas, fluid or even becomes a solid substance. The Spirit World uses the ectoplasm for manifestation. They can cloth themselves with ectoplasm so that they become “tangible” for our world and have a temporary physical body. Also they can use it to move objects or to build a voice box in the séance room so that the voice of a loved one can be heard objectively and communication is possible.

Physical mediumship is rare. There are only a handful genuine and good physical mediums in the world at the moment. Physical mediumship is developed in the home circle with like minded people joining together week by week in love and harmony. They all sit for the same purpose: Development of the physical medium and circle and physical phenomena in the circle. For this process a medium with that particular physical make up is needed but also an enormous amount of patience as this development can easily take 10-20 years. The physical medium sits in a cabinet and enters an altered state of awareness, usually a deeper trance state. However, there have been physical mediums that were fully aware during their séances.